Word Wall & Alphabet Headers for Early Childhood

Word Wall & Alphabet Headers for Early Childhood


Alphabet word wall for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, SPED, RTI, and early childhood classrooms. Enhance your letter of the week curriculum or early literacy curriculum with this set. 

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Alphabet word wall for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, SPED, RTI, and early childhood classrooms. Enhance your letter of the week curriculum or early literacy curriculum with this set. 

This resource is part of the ABC Mega Bundle.  If you purchase the money-saving bundle, you do not need to purchase this resource.

*Please note that this is a digital product.  You will be able to download the ZIP file with the PDF documents upon your purchase.  Nothing will be shipped to you.  Due to the nature of digital downloads, your purchase is not refundable.

Are you looking for clear, easy-to-read word wall cards for your classroom? This simple set lets kids focus on the important information without being distracted by fluff. Use the set on word walls, pocket charts, word rings, etc. Perfect for your preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, and SPED classroom.


  • 3 different color options with choice of images on the left or images on the right,
  • Alphabet letters header cards in 3 different color options
  • 78 word wall words - cards with pictures (3 cards for each letter of the alphabet)
  • additional cards for A, E, I, O (short and long sounds)
  • additional cards for the letter X (beginning and ending options)
  • templates to make custom word cards (without pictures)*
  • templates to make name cards (recently updated so that you can insert the photos directly into the file before printing!)


  •  measure approximately 7 x 2.5 inches.
  • contain clear, easy-to-read font
  • designed to be very simple so that children will be able to focus on the words, letters, and pictures.

*You will need to use the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader on your laptop or desktop computer to edit the custom word cards. The picture template for the name cards is available in both Microsoft Word and Google Docs formats.


  • ant
  • apple
  • alligator
  • apron
  • angel
  • acorn
  • balloons
  • banana
  • book
  • clown
  • car
  • candle
  • doll
  • duck
  • dinosaur
  • easel
  • eraser
  • eggs
  • elephant
  • envelope
  • eagle
  • fish
  • fire
  • feather
  • grapes
  • globe
  • glasses
  • hammer
  • house
  • hat
  • iguana
  • igloo
  • ice cream
  • ivy
  • iron
  • inchworm
  • jar
  • jewelry
  • juice
  • kiwi
  • kite
  • key
  • log
  • lion
  • lemon
  • money
  • mitten
  • mailbox
  • net
  • nails
  • nest
  • octopus
  • oval
  • owl
  • ostrich
  • orange
  • oar
  • pig
  • pencil
  • pizza
  • quarter
  • quail
  • quilt
  • ring
  • robot
  • rainbow
  • spider
  • sun
  • socks
  • tent
  • toaster
  • taco
  • unicycle
  • unicorn
  • uniform
  • umbrella
  • up
  • unhappy
  • violin
  • vest
  • van
  • watch
  • window
  • wagon
  • xylophone
  • x-ray
  • X marks the spot
  • fox
  • box
  • six
  • yo-yo
  • yarn
  • yellow
  • zebra
  • zipper
  • zigzag


Editable Word Cards - Create custom word cards for sight words, thematic words, or names 

Name Cards - Make name cards with photos of your kids.  You can also use them to make environmental print cards.


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"Love the variety of words for each letter. And especially like that a template was included so I could add student pictures! They love seeing themselves on our word wall :)"

"Love this!! And I love that there are blank ones for us to make some too!"

"These cards are perfect! The pictures are engaging and the kids love them!"

"Absolutely perfect! Worked wonderful with our letter of the week and word wall! My pre-k kiddos would begin to use these cards if they wanted to spell a word instead of asking me. They had so much fun with them!"

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