Name Practice Puzzles

Name Practice Puzzles


Name practice and activity puzzles for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, SPED, RTI, homeschool, childcare, and early childhood classrooms. These name activities provide a multi-sensory way to teach kids name recognition and how to spell their names.

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Name practice and activity puzzles for preschool, pre-k, kindergarten, SPED, RTI, homeschool, childcare, and early childhood classrooms. These name activities provide a multi-sensory way to teach kids name recognition and how to spell their names.

This resource is part of the Name Activities Bundle.  If you purchase the money-saving bundle, you do not need to purchase this resource.

*Please note that this is a digital product.  You will be able to download the PDF file upon your purchase.  Nothing will be shipped to you.  Due to the nature of digital downloads, your purchase is not refundable. 

Make your own name puzzles, custom storage containers, name mats and name sorting grid with this early literacy activity set. 

Now you only have to print the letters that you need!!

**You do not need to install any special fonts, but you will need the most recent version of Adobe Acrobat Reader on a desktop/laptop to customize this resource.  

Let your students or children become engaged with letters as they play with name puzzles. Children are very interested in learning the letters in their names as well as the names of friends and families. Make a set of name puzzles for your whole class or make a set of name puzzles for your whole family (don’t forget your dog’s name). Name puzzles are a great way for children to interact with letters and begin to learn the fundamentals of literacy. They are great for classrooms, busy bags, gifts, etc.

Please check out the product preview for photos of the finished product.

This set includes three color options. Colors include:

  • purple/green
  • red/blue
  • teal/black.
Each color includes the following components:
  • Printable uppercase and lowercase letter circles in two sizes that can be attached to milk caps, water bottle caps, two liter bottle caps, and even poker/counting chips to make your own custom name puzzles. Letter circles are sized to fit a 1.5" or 1" circle punch.
  • Templates to create a custom lid and side label for a round deli container, frosting container, and a sugar-free drink container, and a small potato chip container. These templates will also fit a variety of containers that you may collect. No containers?.....No problem! Simply use the lid templates to create a custom label for a ziploc bag.
  • A name mat that provides children with space to both put together their name puzzle and practice writing their names.
  • A name grid mat to encourage children to compare the letters in 2-3 different names.
  • A Class List Form makes it easy to add letters to the circles and names to the labels in minutes.
  • Print Planner pages make it easy for you to print the pages that you desire.

In addition to name puzzles, you can make sight word puzzles or word family puzzles with this set.


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What are teachers and parents saying about this product?

“I love these name puzzles. They are great for helping students with their name, but where they have been invaluable in my class is helping students learn their friends' names. Now my paper passer can actually pass the papers out without help!! Thanks!!” -Heather R.

“Love, love, love this resource! Creative, fun, and everyday useful!” -Joan B.

“I made these for a low K student who just couldn't get his name letters in the right order-it did the trick! Love this and plan to make more-the whole school is saving lids for me!"


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